My MidSummer's Daydream

        My MidSummer's Daydream 

            Into my life she walked    
With the face of an Imperfect Angel,
         The clothes on her back,
A pink-ish backpack, and a nervous smile 
           When She truly Smiles, 
She's transformed, from a handmaiden 
Into a fully adorned, properly attired Princess

She would think otherwise, but then
                   She'd be wrong
She doesn't see, what those outside her see

She Glides across the Room
      With an air of
Grace and Elegance
Reserved specifically 
For Royalty, and for
      God Himself

   Her Heart is Wide Open
The only way she knows to be
And people love her so much 
For her heartfelt honesty, 
And for her unknowing wisdom

With the Perfect Essence 
Of a Lover, Fully in Bloom
She treats strangers,
And friends alike, as if
She were sitting among
The greatest people in existence 

Her Voice, Soft and Tender.
And Sweeter than Sugar Cane 
Fresh Off the Tree, will
Utter theories, answers,
And questions, that takes
One by complete surprise.
           Very perceptive! 
She walks Deep inside your soul
And never retreats, no matter
    How frightening it may be
She has the Courage of a Lioness

Upon her re-arrival, something
Is different about her, you don't 
Exactly what....

But her Teddy-Bear 
Eyes glow a little brighter, they
Sparkle more, and a smile emerges
From this stranger, who just entered
          My life

This Lady of Magic
Heals the hurts, just
By being close, and 
Using her creamy-soft skin
To caress the pains away

Extremely special is She. 

And it's too late....
    'Cos I see her

For my Muse: The Very Lovely Miss M

©2016 Mirror_rorriM       7/30/16
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a familiar


my condolences. sounds impossibly in love.

Write on,pen up!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....