This Longing

This Longing:

Tears my soul to shreds
An Angel to minister
To my yearning soul that
Weeps daily for someone who
Will never, ever be mine
Lips that burn, and beg
For those of another
The softest touch, then
Tongues collide
Joyfully cavorting 
Like small children 
Gathering at play-time            
This minute is ours alone
Time flies much too fast
For this parched soul
Eternity isn't enough time
To satiate my dehydrated spirit
But, I take what I can get
Finding contentment in the moment 
'Cos just a tiny slice of Heaven
Is better than a slice of anything else
An Angel's Face The softest sigh
Heartbeats escalate, Fevers high
A Ghost of a chance, the odds I'd take
Smile like Apple-pie, freshly baked

As soft as silk
Lips plump 
Like juicy-ripe papaya
Ready for the tasting

Just KNOWING wrenches
Heart and desolate Old Soul
Languishing in this empty cell
Struggling in my Mourning
Oh, how I wish....
Desire, crave, and hunger
For your heart,
The most beautiful You

Reduced to asking...?

But, do I even deserve 
Do I dare?
If Only
Two hearts 
Fully meshed with another
But unfortunately 
Neither is mine

©2016 Mirror_rorriM       7/29/16

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Sassylass's picture

I wonder

how did I miss your writes....

good writing, if not a sad man talking.

keep writing it out?

perhaps there may be hope,someday


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



Morningglory's picture

Yeah... This is pretty

Yeah... This is pretty freakin awesome! Loved so much. Great writing. Can't wait to read more.

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