The Beast



                                         The Beast

Straddled upon a painted horse
A warrior-poet gazed up into the overcast skies
Looking closer, he noticed a ball, breathing Fyre
A fitting sign for an appointed time
A heated day, for the heated battle
On this day, will he meet his nemesis
This Enemy, who has taunted
And viciously mocked the warrior-poet
For years on end, has this Beast raged
And on this day, will they meet face-to-face
Toe-to-Toe for this battle
This day will see one fall, while the other remains
Which one will it be?
Only Tyme will tell the tale
In this battle, no quarter will be asked, or given
And no prisoners will be taken
This warrior-poet fought many a battle in his day
But, today will be his fiercest 
Armed with Lion's Courage, and Armed with Heart
Will he fight valiantly, refusing to go quietly
For himself, and for Lady-Love
This Beast of Burden WILL be defeated
Or know his opponent fought to dying breath
There is no retreating today, too much is at stake
Self-Respect, esteem, lady-love, and yes, Pride
Day's end will show who was mightier
Until then does this warrior-poet
Remain in silent meditation, contemplating...
                     The Beast

© Mirror_rorriM_1999                    8/9/99
Author's Notes/Comments: 

You may not believe it, but this piece is about.....

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conquer it and any other giant!

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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is this about?

inner struggle with a love?

Interestingly enough,

ive not found very many writers here,quite as compelling to read.

thanks,my friend:)


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....