Say It's So....



                                     Say It's So

                  Your words speak softly to me
       I hear them, and you voice sounds so familiar 
              As if I've known you my whole life
                          But, are you HER ?
                                Say It's So !
                        So much of what you say
                       Are my very own thoughts
                    How can you know me so well?
                     It's eerie, yet very exciting 
                    I wonder, who ARE you, and
                 Where have you been my whole Life?
                     Have you been searching for me
                         As I've been seeking you?
                                   Say It's So!
                          We've waited centuries
                    On a Love we've only read about
                     But still believed to be true
                       Neither of us is perfect
                     Just perfect...for each other
                           Is this REALLY it?
                                Say It's So!
                         Please....Say It's So!
© Mirror_rorriM_2000
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Say It's So!

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