Words and Music

                  Words and Music      

                   I knew a man        
               A man of mystery
        A man of many questions
       A man of Words and Music

     He looked much like each of us
   Yet his feathers were a little fuller
        His colors, a little brighter
          His pain, a little deeper
He was special, and everyone knew it
         Everyone.....except him

              He had this....gift 
      Of taking a story, or a piece of music
And extrapolating the answers to life's mysteries
     He did it as none I had ever known
             Because he lived it

       You see, his mind was a vast library
       Filled with all the beautiful things
      Words and Music had to offer
        His knowledge and passion
         Amazed all who knew him
      Few secrets were hid from him
         Because this was his Home

    In the early days, when life was good
   Words and Music became his closest friends
   They made the good days more enjoyable
   They made the not-so-good days.....tolerable

         Then the skies clouded over
  The brightness of his Starr still shone
                    But, not to him.

    The Abuser began to change how he saw himself.
   As the beatings increased, so did his excursions.
   When leather kissed his flesh, he hid himself
            Inside of a favorite song

         Trembling with fear, while waiting
       For the melodies to comfort his soul
     Waiting...for the storms to pass him by
    Locking the secrets away with his friends
                   Words and Music

                    Puberty set in, then
           Jealousy reared it's ugly head
              On Johnny-Come-Lately

        Whose colors were just a bit brighter
        Who hid his torments behind a smile
                A smile that could lift you 
                  From the depths of despair
                But could do little for his own

             He lived his life as an outcast,
                Alone, ugly, and Unwanted
          But I saw his beauty, & felt his magic

            That certain quality, that belongs
         To a select few, only I...couldn't...reach him
                   I couldn't make him see
                     What was plain as day
                     To everyone he touched...
                      That he was special!

             We all knew it, but didn't treat him so
             We made fun of him, mocked his pain
                    And we added to his anguish

                       Time marches on...
             He stayed close to his friends
               Words and Music, and
            He wrote a great many things.

                 We laughed with him
             We rejoiced with him, and
                  We wept with him

            He'd brought a lifetime of pain
         And heartache, down to our levels
                 In his own unique way
           To help us see just how special
                       He really was

          We saw the true brightness of his Starr
                    And we told him so
     Which inspired him to even greater works
                        For us to see

          It seemed he was winning the battle
        With that little Civil War in each of us
      But, things are not always as they seem
       His vindication came too little, too late

          The countless heartbreaks, of years gone by
   Came upon him like a flood, and took him away from us
            His Starr fell from the sky, into an ocean, 
          Filled with the tears he'd kept locked inside
                        For far too long

               His friends, Words and Music
                    Never left him, but
                He lost his hearing, then
            He lost his vision, and....Finally
                     He lost his voice

                No longer could he say
      "The Things That Needed Saying"
       The things that were crying out
             From his soul and spirit 

        No longer could he feel the comforts
           Of his friends, Words and Music

                I knew this man, who was
        So much more than he ever knew
                    And I miss him
          I miss his...Words and Music

© Mirror_rorriM 1999
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let him


free him.

hes got others with him.

let him sing it loud and clear.


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....