Loneliness The Silent Killer

                  Loneliness The Silent Killer

         Two hearts hopelessly inter-twined
              Forever at odds, Devil's hand
                Twisting the Proverbial knife
                       Digging ever deeper 

                          One goal in mind
                    Total destruction of Souls

           My eyes see them happy, cuddling
                  My Heart feels their Joy
                        My mind wanders...

            Jealousies dance, tauntingly
                Then Loneliness sets in

                 Finding me wishing I had 
             What they have in each other

                  Sadly, It's my Life's story

                Ever the window shopper
          Taking in the scents, the scenery
           The beauty, very few even notice
           Desiring, Longing, Aching, Weeping
            For what I can see, but never have

                   Shedding the tears 
                  No one will ever see
         Heart leisurely dripping it's Fluid
                  Slowly bleeding me out
         Until there's nothin' left of me
     Hope abandons me, flying away on Eagles wings
           There is nothing left here for Her to do 
          Now I'm completely, and utterly Alone
              And Loneliness...the Vulture
                Begins picking me clean

          But, as I lay there gradually dying
          My mind wanders, and I remember 

           Two hearts hopelessly inter-twined
                   Then Loneliness sets in
              And I find myself wishing I had 
               What they have in each other

         The only single thing that can truly save....



©2016 Mirror_rorriM                                7/27/16 7:25p

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Loneliness can be devastating, and will take you down, if you let it.

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it can,it does.

nice writing,Rob!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....