Please Don't Look Into My Eyes

              Please Don't Look Into My Eyes

    What you'd see would not be pretty
The Sadness, lingering, would be overwhelming 
With rivers threatening to claim its next victim
          I fear I cannot protect you from that
         Please Don't Look Into My Eyes
   Doing so, would push me over the edge
          And I don't want to fall apart
         I don't know what to say, and
             I don't know what to do
               I only know what I feel
                       Because I care
        I don't want to infect you with my Pain
     My face, I turn to the wall, Hoping you won't see
                     So, if you love me....
             Please Don't Look Into My Eyes
                  ©2000 Mirror_rorriM

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to read...


i get it.

but I don't..


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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I know, and I understand, Koko. You may be better off without the aches tho, they're pretty painful, and devastating at times