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Reaching Blindly Towards The Rope

All Sense of Warmth has left my body

Abuse reigns over me, reels me into longing

Resting on this scar of knowing everything

My meaning is blank, my meaning is justified

through always being better than that someone

Certainly the insects have means to sting

Gallant and proper I snatch you up

No one knows Im here, No one ever will

Secrets keep my body at a steady pulse

Violence quenches me like a fire licking upwards

Lets never be apart, only as we dream may we for a moment

but I desire you fully, and I like to get my way

to be quite frank; Im just obsessed with you

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i couldn't finish reading

i couldn't finish reading this because i had to take a shit before i was done; and by the time i came back, i lost interest.