Phoenix Sighing

love for lesser man

the banks of worship

she'll lead me into the secrets and tunnels

never guessing of the dim lit me

ever blessing for the grim slit you

your that on fire aren't you

I could tear holes in sullen farewell

always to sound the sad out

like children at play, the fading of day

this is your worst mistake

leaving behind true affectionate

the sun is all yours then

no read for rhyme, in useless time

make us simple, bleed us dry

wet between the thighs for apathy

like vicious animals eat me alive

i'm not into your lungs charity

redeem the swollen literature

from the sinking ships of grandeur

who let's wolves in backdoors

will slide into the dry shores

i'm tired of confusion

forgetting everyone is so easy

take me farther across this horizon

i'm into disappearing like a poet would be

some days are for free

this is that day that has costed me

and i'm in love with an apparition

farhter into obscurity now

then any ghost could wish for

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