And now I know nothing good of her

angels are morbid parody

farce and reindeer alike

she's gonna live alone forever

the mask she bares is slipping for stares

And we both know ghosts exist

shining dreary as tall stoic houses

they conjure the little in me for bigger sighs

as I laid awake pining for her embrace

smitten sickly with half a sad face

move into fracture, cold stretch to soul

I see with dead eyes to brighter holes

ocean wash me of her ficticious beauty

feel the weight of raw surface upon my arms

rude awakenings are no longer born of alarm clocks

how a pretty face spawns the sea of false chase

deliver me steel gothic princess, thorns around her waist

You remind me of disposable personalities, shitty music

and the reason I fall for the same bricks and walls

waste for you, I wasted real words on you

poetry for weepy harlots banquet, appetite for abandonment

delicate red roses that wither in some garbage bag

I know you'll give those eyes to jackal fangs

another animal from dark shade and soft fade

why I waded for the girl of my dreams?

Just another ghost to come in my rose garden

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Anyone who knows how it feels to become strangers with someone worth falling in love with should be able relate to this.

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