we are the same

You and I, we are similar
If I had the nerve I'd say we're the same
It seems nothing short of beautiful
Exchanging a smile full of tooth decay

I wait for you endlessly
Stuck in the weird and you're the sun
You know I need you, you say you need me
But I'm not sure I'm the only one

You and I, we are similar
You can't seem to keep it in
I can't keep it down
Prominent spines- bags under your eyes
Special effects from your cigarette
A kiss full of smoke
Tongues finish another's line

My essence is full of you
There's nothing here but needy stains
You know I need you, you don't need me
Yet you stand around as if I'm worth the strain

You and I, we are similar
You always speak too soon
I can't speak at all
Hands intertwined- disregard time
A world full of elsewheres
Lungs ache with cold
Breaths exchanged to revive

You know I need you
In specific, especially
You're smothered- you can share my space
Fall into somewhere, indefinitely
I said we are similar
But you know, we are the same

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really good poem. i enjoyed

really good poem. i enjoyed reading it. i don't really have anything to add other than that so i'm sorry for being boring and not having some extravagant comment :p

but again really really good poem