I think too much about things that don't matter, but I love you.

so many thoughts that I
can't seem to shake
while they feel so heavy in my head
in words they've no weight

my heart beats now twice as slow
though with you I feel something
interlocking fingers with
someone with whom I can simply be

so many thoughts that I
think are more of me than I in flesh
there's nothing really I could say
without speaking nonsense and leaving out the rest

I feel so calm in your arms
to die here and now
in the presence of your warm silence
would be ideal in someway, somehow

so many thoughts that I
wander in from time to time
I had desperately hoped that I could find a way out
but the exit has an infinite line

our bodies fit perfectly together
like a shard of glass and a damp puzzle piece
with our eyes traveling further by the moment
captivated beyond my wildest scenes

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I find this poem to be very deep Nikole. I also found it very touching and warm.