The heart a magnificent work of art , amazing in it's

Design, if you follow it you will shine. Cause it's for

Much more than pumping blood it carries very real

Feelings of sympathy and love. It also have

Compassion in many forms and fashion.


The heart can show affection or it can show

Rejection for it's own protection. But hatred well

That come from the way we think which can bring

You to the brink and cause tremendous strain

Because the heart is contrary to the brain.


So many times we follow the brain and not the

Heart, when we see the results we don't feel so

Smart. I should've, would've, could've is the sad

Song we sing when we look in the mirror and feel

That awful sting.


Now the true feelings in your heart come from

The Lord, those feelings you can trust, what 

The brain thinks it feel is just plain lust. You

See your heart was made beautiful but it's

Being stalked by a shark, if you let it be

Devoured it will go dark.


So be very careful,if to hatred you submit you

Are putting yourself in danger of falling into

The pit. For He know our brain all to well, they

Can be put into a spell, heartache and pain

Is what He's looking to inflict and He know

Our brain is easy to be tricked.

SO listen to your heart, guard and treat it

Right, there's a battle going on and it's


Again my friend hang with The Good Lord

Until the end and in time you will find that

Your Heart Is An Extraordinary Work Of Art.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about the beauty of the Heart. But people

Are neglecting the beautiful heart and slipping into



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like your poem made me think

like your poem made me think and thats what its all about  since adam and eve when man was given free will man struggled with good and evil