Under The Sun

We are under the sun and it's so bright, so why is the world so dark, why is it always night?

Why do we live in the night when God's light is so bright? Still we walk in the night not willing

To see the light. For God's light is so beautiful and bright, but we choose the rain. We seek false

Happyness and find only pain. So why is the world so insane? Is it because false happyness and

The rain, brings only pain? Still, we rush in the hight not willing to see the light, but we stumble

And fall, then we are ready to fuss and fight.


But, we party all through the night, drinking and druging until we take flight. Then we crash and

Burn because we refuse to learn, that we need to make a U turn and take flight in the light and 

Not crash in the night. Yes we are under the sun and it's by faith that we can receive God's Grace

The light of the world is for our belight, it seperates the day from the night. But God's light is

Divine, it's all the time, with a brilliant shine, driving away the night and leading you right.


With God's light leading the way you will not go astray and have a very Blessed day. Just want

To come clean and He will intervene, guide you to the light, where you will rise to new 

Heights. There's more to this life than what we can see, let Him lead the way and He will set

You free. Then why be a prisoner of the night. Come and experience GOD'S Light.

Eternal, Just and True. May GOD'S Grace, Peace and Joy Be With You.


By * MilMan *  Cool  




Author's Notes/Comments: 

When They Come In Sight - I Write.  

Just give it your best, and The Lord

Will do the rest...    Cool

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Amen! Nice write.

Amen! Nice write.

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

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