Dreary Heart/ Hating Heart With Soul

Why must i love,

why do you

make me?

when your so worn

and weary.

How do i plead so

and you not save


Through one wall

and then another.

Dreary heart

why do you

go on 

title page

rises like a

title wave

taking you, taking me

sitting us a the pinicle of life

giving the illusion of flight.

Love, that great illusive beautie

has love enough for all,

but hardly ever keeps her word.

A title waived for i guess she

couldnt stay long

a title wave rolling

amongst stars start to fall

the sword does not curve

the point hits the dirt.

Abrupt and absurd

as if their was no space

between heaven and earth.

When your broken it hurts.

Falling like that and yet

 trying again.

Dreary heart i hate you

with all my soul.

A beat so tall,

from a heart that small

never afraid to fall.



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An impassioned write

With a heartfelt plea

A heart that's locked

Just needs the right key


Sorry I don't have it,

but wish you all the best.

Thank you for your thoughts