Joy; defined; emotions evoked by well being, success, or good fortune. But let's not jump the gun. For joy is designed to be piece of mind when you're properly aligned. But you must beware because there's something in the air, unseen, unclean and false joy they are able to bring.


Which can destroy if you employ, they are able to play you like a toy. Whereas, false joy will fabricate, your life it will manipulate while making you think everything is great. Big Mistake. Yes, this is a physical world but on a spiritual plane and this is thier domain, where they absolutely rein, false joy some are able to bring and can play us like puppets on a string.


You see, when things are going wrong for so long, patience getting thinner and you want to show everybody you're not a looser but a winner. Even think of trading your soul to reach this Earthly goal. All of a sudden you see a way that looks right, thinking,  I finally see the light but beware of an Angle in the night.


It will make you think you're in control family and friends saying Wow, he's on a roll all the time you're being lead to a deep dark hole. So take care true it's your life, still, you must beware for life holds many a snare. Now enough of the underground lets go to the turn a round. The real Mccoy True Joy.


Which comes from the heart, when properly placef it will never depart but the only way to achieve is to believe and be of one accord with The Good Lord. Once you make that Heavenly connection, humble your self and allow for correction, then you"ll be lead in the right direction. Having a real feel of delight" you,ll know you're standing upright, gain foresight and it's airtight.


Not only when things are going good but when things are not as they should, whe life have you bouncing around like a piece of driftwood, just plane missunderstood. Instead" you"ll have no resentment nor will you be discontent rather, you"ll represent. You"l be amazed, smile and nod when you're being lead by Almighty GOD. And you"ll have a rock solid objective, see things from a different perspective and whatever you do will be very effective.


So don't be confused, for false joy will delude while true joy, you"ll be renewed. Just give it a try sprear your wings and fly because true joy is not a ploy. It,s. The Real Mccoy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

True joy and Fake joy. Big deference

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