It's okay to be single, you get to go out and mingle, can even make your own jingles until the day you start to feel a constant tingle.


A feeling you haven't reached your goal because you're not yet whole. You go on date after date but you can't really relate so just tolerate while having a longing for your soulmate.


You listen to society, they say you must have variety. You put on a false face, a fake laugh wishing you could make him take a polygraph cause you're so tired of getting the shaft, you start to pray to God for your other half.


But your friends tell you to get a grip, you must have companionship so you go on another trip. After all it's just another booty call until you hit a brick wall.


Even though you're thinking about the downside you have your pride until you take home Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. By the Grace of God it wasn't your final ride.


Now you're leery of dates, knowing you were delivered out of a hell of a strait so you suck it up and wait, lo and behold there stand your soulmate, you look to the sky and say, God you're Great.


You see, when life's laws you shun and keep finding yourself. Outdone stop being on the rum. You'll know when you've found your hun because one plus one will equal ONE.


Now don't drop your jaw, this is not a flaw, It's Divine Law.

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Are you blue because the place you live is like a zoo, and you don't have a clue of what to do?


Your spouse is acting a louse, kids driving you mad you feel you're in the monkey house.


So you grab a cold brew to bring you through. You have another and another, you can no longer hear the bunk because you're drunk.


Now you're in the stew because you bit off more than you can chew. Then you retreat to the back room where you resume to consume.


And now your head's going Vroom. Then you start to fume because the loom of gloom has filled the room and you're about to go Kboom.


Before you resume take it to the drawing room cause if there's to much on your plate you can reevaluate. 


Then if you find yourself in a zoo you won't have to reach for a brew because you will see things from a clear point of view.


And if life keeps dishin, don't keep wishin, hang the sign on the door... Gone Fishin.


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Everything, be it good or bad in life has a price.

Now if you want your slice take some advice.


Think twice about rolling the dice. Although it

Could come out nice or it may suffice but oft


Times you get caught in the grip of a vice and

It's far to over priced.


So be wise in what you devise because you may 

Have to revise or compromise. Whatever the


Guise, just keep your eyes on the prize. For the

Unexpected has excised many a device thought


Up by men and mice. So be precise, not enticed

If you are lured into a fool's paradise you'll be


Paying far too high a price.

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Be a lamp in the dark and gloomy night.


For the lost souls, a beacon of light. It's


So easy to go wrong instead of right. So


Many are full of terror and fright on their


Woeful plight in the night. So stand like a


Champ as the world becomes a concentration


Camp. Turn up the amps and be a Heavenly Lamp.


Shine bright, guide them to the light.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Be A Lamp.

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No bigger than a fly. Now in mind's I is sometimes labeled a wise guy, tough guy, a bad guy and none of these do I deny.


Because I can diversify, which is why I cry, is shy, lie can fly don't even have to


leave the ground to get very high and not by becoming glassy eyed or pie eyed but


edited. Although I love to signify about the only three that qualify while being too preoccupied with me, myself and I.


Then I will turn around and hit a sacrifice fly just so someone else can get their 

piece of the pie Because I can hear their outcry and must stop turning a blind I.


Theteby I is qualified to testify, why? And who am I??? PERSONIFIED.











Author's Notes/Comments: 

The journey of Life.

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He was super cool, would break all the rules, said the heck with school, was labeled a fool.


Life became cruel, he tried to use tools be his learning was minuscule, found his self in a cesspool.


But he didn't let it overrule he went back to school, stopped being a fool, learned the golden rule, came out of that cesspool and found he's a true Jewel.


Life's like a giant pool and you will run into whirlpools which is why you need the right fuel.


But what you definitely can't do is sit on a stool and drool being scared to get in the pool. Stay In School.


Joy; defined; emotions evoked by well being, success, or good fortune. But let's not jump the gun. For joy is designed to be piece of mind when you're properly aligned. But you must beware because there's something in the air, unseen, unclean and false joy they are able to bring.


Which can destroy if you employ, they are able to play you like a toy. Whereas, false joy will fabricate, your life it will manipulate while making you think everything is great. Big Mistake. Yes, this is a physical world but on a spiritual plane and this is thier domain, where they absolutely rein, false joy some are able to bring and can play us like puppets on a string.


You see, when things are going wrong for so long, patience getting thinner and you want to show everybody you're not a looser but a winner. Even think of trading your soul to reach this Earthly goal. All of a sudden you see a way that looks right, thinking,  I finally see the light but beware of an Angle in the night.


It will make you think you're in control family and friends saying Wow, he's on a roll all the time you're being lead to a deep dark hole. So take care true it's your life, still, you must beware for life holds many a snare. Now enough of the underground lets go to the turn a round. The real Mccoy True Joy.


Which comes from the heart, when properly placef it will never depart but the only way to achieve is to believe and be of one accord with The Good Lord. Once you make that Heavenly connection, humble your self and allow for correction, then you"ll be lead in the right direction. Having a real feel of delight" you,ll know you're standing upright, gain foresight and it's airtight.


Not only when things are going good but when things are not as they should, whe life have you bouncing around like a piece of driftwood, just plane missunderstood. Instead" you"ll have no resentment nor will you be discontent rather, you"ll represent. You"l be amazed, smile and nod when you're being lead by Almighty GOD. And you"ll have a rock solid objective, see things from a different perspective and whatever you do will be very effective.


So don't be confused, for false joy will delude while true joy, you"ll be renewed. Just give it a try sprear your wings and fly because true joy is not a ploy. It,s. The Real Mccoy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

True joy and Fake joy. Big deference

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Have A Good Day

First thing in the morning give thanks for seeing

another Glorious day. Then smile and be on your

on your way. Ask for guidance if your skies are gray

Then be a blessing for someone that's in dismay.


Now bad is sad but if you let it get you down you've

been had. It's all up to you, so if you let bad choose

you loose. Now your heart, if you let the Lord steer

you will be filled with cheer.


Then go do something good like volunteer. You

might even work up a blister, but it's worth helping

your sister. It could even be a bit painful, but you

could be helping an Angel, who's undercover posing

as your brother. For we all need help as quietly as it's

kept. That will give you leeway to look to the sky

and say, HEY, The Making Of A GOOD DAY.

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I was going through the year feeling just fine, while writint my rhymes. Not a worry, not a care

nothing to bear. Then here comes spring, such a wonderful thing, didn't have an idea of what it 

would bring I believed, it would be outstanding. I didn't know it would be so demanding.


I thought, throught this year I will cruse but instead I was singing the blues because I couldn't see

what was coming at me. One thing happened then another, I had to look for cover. So I started to 

look for advice, in the same place can lighting strike twice? Something's trying to bring me down, I

mean, down for the count.


But I keep getting a strong feeling that said you have to get back in the mount. Grab the horse by the 

reins, don't let it put you to shame and it can also drive you insane. So to The Lord I prayed, or 

down I would have stayed, yes, I would, but GOD IS GOOD.


Now have you ever tried something with all your heart, but you keep coming up short. You try and 

you try, it wont come out right even though you try with all your might and you don't want anyone

to see that you're uptight. So you walk around with a false grin because you want to feel exalted

among men.


Deeper and deeper you start to sink, you pick up a smell, it's your life and it stink. But you hold your

head up to show your're grown, you got backbone and you don't want anyone to see that you feel so 

alone. So you walk around lost like the rest of the clones.


Then you listen to people from every place but everything you try, slaps you hard, right in the face.

Now I am writting this because this came to me, but I have to cut this short, so take this to heart.

This I have been through got to the point where I prayed, Lord, I really need you. I was at the end 

of my rope, in total despair I though it can't get any worse and up jumped a Grizzly Bear. That should

have been all she wrote, Yes, it should... GOD IS GOOD...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love, Life, Live and Learn... GOD IS GOOD.Cool

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