God's Lesson For Me


The truth came out 

when time healed all wounds.

You'd think the cut tore deep

opening and opening with each memory

but something transformed within me;

after all the nights without sleep

after all the lovers I could never keep

after all the miles traveled with only city lights 

to help me see,

after all the moments that took the wind from

the breath of which I breathe,

after all the reasons to make me believe

after all the seasons that passed like a movie scene

after all the times the mirror revealed the real me

after all the times I've tried and was redeemed

after all the sacrafices He made to let me live happily,

after all the times I questioned when the answer was

right in front of me,

after all of the tracks upon this path I lead,

after all of the words I've written explaining,

through all of the darkness and light-

I found the truth within God's love for me.

After all this, I can just Be, Me.

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