In Our Skin


The dawn of a new day

The chapter on a new page

I could drown in the memories

I could leave them astray

The moment I get out my pen

and start scripting my life again

forgive and forget

a lesson we trick ourselves into believing

could help us mend.


Speak your truth,

confide in a friend

what's an enemy

when the words you think

start hurting you worse, again?

Think this life is too hard?

Think you'll never be the same again?

That's what happens when 

you convince yourself to be

a new person when

you haven't healed,

you've yet to feel,

you trick yourself into believing

who you are isn't alright;

but everyday

we wake with a dawn and new light.

We are the nomads

the passer-byers who inhibit this land

experiences you feel are human,

woman or man.

We've got to believe 

this life is a "meant-to-be"

where we live with ripple effects 

of energy

creating our divine reality.


You've hurt?

You've lost?

You've paid the price, and now it's cost-

you to make the greatest sacrifice of them all

to walk with dignity in your skin

and know it's okay to forgive and just live.


Say it with me:

"I am human, after all". 

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fuche_bu's picture

We're all human, all too

We're all human, all too human.

StarPhoenix's picture

Beautiful message. Your use

Beautiful message. Your use of vocabulary and imagery are very good. The line structure and meter could require some tweaking, but overall you did a wonderful job at getting your point across :).