My Kingdom In Pieces


How beautiful is it?

To have a child of your own

Rapunzel in a castel,

hier to the throne.


Yet for 23 years 

being alone

was all she'd known-

long after her older sisters,

niece and nephew and

the rest of the family

had grown.



I gave my crown to 

move to a new town, and 

I still sit

upon my throne

with a family

who is content

with me just being



Now I live with 

the urge to say


I have a KINGDOM to SAVE!"


My Kingdom

is my home,

broken into pieces

a heart neither open

nor closed.

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Your poem is very reminiscent

Your poem is very reminiscent of a line in T S Eliot's poem, The Waste Land:  "These fragments I have shored against my ruin."  The line is one of the few hopeful lines in the entire piece, but your poem demonstrates the process that he only alluded to.