Star Crossed


I thought for so long

that you'd be 

a miracle

for me.


That one day

we'd reunite

along the shore

of that beach

in the spot

we met

years ago;

under the moonlight

where I gave you

the key

to unlock

my soul,

and within the love 

in your eyes

that was the night

we found home.


But days and weeks

and months

passed by

where sad poems

were all I wrote

and only tears

filled my eyes.


You were the greatest


I never had;

who'd become so distant

between the boundries 

of land;

as we both ventured 

to find

the love within ourselves

like we felt

within eachother

under the full moon

that one night.


I swear the stars 

haven't shined as bright

as they did

since I saw them

in your eyes

that night.

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Morningglory's picture

I love this

Even if it's kinda sad. Beautifully written.

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