For Helen

When you are walking up the hill to the other side, you noticed you have walked the wrong way. Don't try to cheat yourself to continue that path. Stop to rest and think where you were in your last stop.

Don't waste time to look for more uncertainties.. just go back to your last stop and start from there. On your way up or back, don't carry all your baggage. Let go of the weight even if you are fond of them.

Sometimes, you should find a cave to rest for a while, or look for a right partner to walk with you,  Sometimes when you see a Light above, it may not be the right path just heading for it without understanding practicality or reality.

Enjoy your trip up the hill, enjoy your partner, enjoy the slow walk, and enjoy the solitude. Peace is what you have and can afford... make use of peace to lead you up the hill.

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