Things I've Seen


Murmurs and sound, from birth to sight.
Firm grasping  hands bore me into the light.
Reaching arms and breast, life hunger appeased . A name  on a whisper entwined with me.
Bernadette , Bernadette  a lifetime more.
Memories encircle eighty years before.
Starch white dress and coal dusted shoes
Touch cold tenement steps reaching cold morning dew.
To shuffling of polish tins on chalked numbered lines.
Rhythmic thumping of feet between blurred moving vine.
Dark slate courtyard  of children with splinters of hope.
Sister my sister  how will life let us cope.
Shooting stars on a wet Dublin night street.
Reflect Clearys clock and  those waiting beneath.
On muttered breath they curse her indifferent time.
Nervous glance of one, not yet left behind.
The staggered smile of youth through  slipper door.
My thoughts almost touching how it was years before.
The anxious chatter of boys with oil
soaked hair.
And there stand i amid it all pretending , pretending not to care.
Beneath a veil of lace ,vows of promise we take.
But words in a moment not a lifetime make.
 Tugging hands on  apron to unsteady feet.
Four children of mine, my circle complete.
Now though the years of reflection and regret lay  upon me.
I give myself pardon to be free....
For I have lived this life with a smile and my heart
And the rest will be, what will be.....
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a life told through poetry

You have quite the turn of phrase and really weave pictures in your mind of the reader.At least thats what happened to me.The poem seemed to highlight the major moments in the life of the person being spoken about.Birth,a marriage with problems,children and maybe towards the end of life and looking back with some regret but with acceptance.


Hopefully I got what the poem was about and I liked your powerful rhymes.Definetly the reason I joined the site was to read quality rhyming poems like this one.