The Rose

I saw it there, just out of reach,

On the edge of the rock; the barren cliff.

The Rose, so beautiful, so pure,

So good; beyond compare.


I gazed upwards, ever longing,

Longing to escape a world of dawk

And enter the light.


Days and months and years,

I stood, merely gazing,

Forever afraid to make the leap.

Forever dreaming of a world just out of reach.


I gazed upwards, knowing my longing,

I prepared to jump. I leapt.

I reached out as high as I could...


And I fell.


I fell down to the lowest depths,

Down in the deep and murky shadows,

Swallowed by the unending dark,

The Rose forever out of reach.


Down there I stayed, consumbed by the dark.

Why did I jump? Why did I risk it all?

Never to see the beautiful flower again.

The beautiful Rose.


Day dragged by. And months. And years.

I stayed down there in the darkenss,

Drowning in sorrowful tears,

Dearly missing the light of the Rose.


I gazed upwards, remembering

The years ago, the Rose

And the light.


I looked and saw, not believing my eyes,

The faintest glimpse, the slightest sight,

Of the telltale signs of light.


I looked to the walls:

Rocky and jagged.


I knew it would be hard,

But it would be worth the pain,

To see the light of day again.


I climbed and I climbed,

Often slipping, falling,

But never losing sight

Of the golden promise of light.


I reachede the top,

My journey's end,

Met with a beautiful sight:

An endless meadow of heavenly roses.


So to those, like me, who fell,

I say to you:

There will always be another rose.

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you rose, after you have

you rose, after you have fallen, to raise, i rose, lol hope this helps