She brightly smiled and gaily laughed

She brightly smiled and gaily laughed

For every one she met by day

She showed an air of merriment

In every thing she'd do or say.

But then at night with time alone

Her honesty replaced the lie

For she would sit with pen and pad

And watch the flow of tears she'd cry.

She cries

She cries

I've heard

Her tears

As on

They flow


My ears.

But though I have

The will to ease

Their torrent rush

My will I seize

In hopes that I

May never send

Away someone

Who is a friend.

So on she cries alone

And I in shadow be

I'd rather let her know

That as a friend know me.

For I myself do cry

In times alone I spend

And just as she need I

A true and trusted friend.

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Melissa Rives's picture

This is so beautiful....sometimes we can't take away someone's sadness, but just in being there in thought or ways of is in that exchange...where true friendship lies. This is so, well said...I love it!!!!