Life's Worth

If you wish to give life worth

Make it now your fervent goal

To listen to the garden earth

Speaking to your mortal soul.

Listen to what it ahs to say

Of how in time all things must pass

Into tomorrow from today

As does the garden into grass

For when the gardener's not around

With rake and spade and hoe

To place within the garden's ground

The garden dies as weeds do grow.

The garden ceases then its bloom

And soon is replaced by weed

For it is the garden's doom

With no one there to plant the seed.

So be the one who sows the seed

Within the garden's earth

And the one who hoes the weed

To gain a life of untold worth.

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Melissa Rives's picture

Now you know I love this one....I love the language and voice you use in your writings.....nature is a teacher for sure...if we only listen with our hearts while working with our hands to tend her. :)