Her Poetry

Last evening I sat and listened

To Cora reading poetry

She had written years ago

For no one else to see.

How wonderful it was

To hear this frail woman

Speaking her strength of wisdom.

What a thing to behold.

Her poems are simple

In meter and rhyme

No villanelle or sonnet

And yet more sublime.

They hold no pretensions

No meaning to find

They're the soul of the thinking

Of Cora's keen mind.

They are real as is she

And like her

They ask for nothing more.

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Shirley Roberts's picture

Mike I like this poem very much.Who says poetry has to be done a certain way?We write what's in our hearts and don't always sit and plan our words out.I think some of my best work has just tumbled out without a thought.Great job you did on this and wonderful tribute to Cora's work.

onelilartist's picture

My favorite poets speak with clear voices about simple things. If that makes me simple-minded, so be it. This was lovely and succintly put. I enjoyed it.