To Write As He

Oh that I could strip all false pretence

From the words as ably as he,

That I could not only write but express

Not what was in my mind but in your heart.

Oh that I could walk within the garden

And see what grew there as simply flowers

To be given in youth or passed over

When the beauty was dried and withered away

Not as something useless but still worthy

Of time to recognize it as a life,

That it in passing brings life to my words.

Oh, if this I could do in words as he.

But nay, the best that I could hope to do

Is plant a seed and pray it sets a bloom.

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Melissa Rives's picture

oh that I could write as you. This is rich...and I feel just like the ending lines....pray for the blooming....but you already have! :)

onelilartist's picture

A man could do a lot worse than planting flowers....