The Sensible Nonsense Poem

A dog, a cat and a yellow canary

Sat in the yard of old maid Mary

Talkin' about what they might do

To pass a summer's hour or two.

The dog said climb a telephone pole

The cat said bury a bone in a hole

The canary didn't utter a word

But chirped and sang just like a bird.

That reminded the cat that he

Liked chasing birds up in a tree

Then the dog remembered that

He just loved to chase a cat.

So the cat took off toward the canary

And when the dog got up out came Mary

To sit in a chair and sip her tea

And thought as they did "Now this is me."

So if in June or July or December too

You find you've not much to do

Put the mask up on the shelf

And have some fun just as yourself.

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Melissa Rives's picture

This is great...great advice as well...we all need to relax and have a bit more fun sometimes!