Poems From A Workshop

Who tried to mask the appearance

Of David Copperfield in the building

Or of the dog on the street for that matter

Or the street, or the town,

Or the state, country, earth,



A one-lined poem

Now that would be an appearance

To mask

But who tried

Or cared to.


Lap, lap, lap

The tongue in the water bowl

Quenches the beast

Yet so much work

For so little gain

Or so it seems to me

To be so.

One bowl

One tongue

One beast

One reason

I ought to try that,

But I wonder how.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

These poems came about from an interesting exercise in which we opened a book and placed our fingers on random words.  The words I chose and wrote about in the first poem were "appearance" and "who tried".  The second poem's words were "lap" and "wonder how".

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Melissa Rives's picture

Very interesting forms as well.....what an imagination to come up with these from a couple of words! :)