She Stands Within Their Shadow

She stands within their shadow

Yet shines with equal light

Not as of the blinding sun

But soft as stars at night

Her voice though overtaken

By the echoes sent before

Is as strong as the nightingale's

Where the fearsome tigers roar

When you read her music

You can hear her spirit sing

With the softness of the power

That any storm can bring.

I'm blest to know her wisdom

If only for today

For I know it will be heard

When I am gone away.

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hatter's picture

GREAT!!! Really enjoyed the way you write. I am going to read some more of your poems. This stands true for the ones I have already read and surely those which I am about to. Keep on truckin.

onelilartist's picture

A lovely tribute indeed! I keep coming back to your page for more and never leave disappointed. Thanks for the pleasant experience.