I Need Not Lift This Pen

I need not lift this pen

And place its nib upon the page

To let you know that deep in me

Wells magma of my rage.

For rightly silence works

As I am sure my eyes shout strong

But when I place this point to page

It's shouting to the throng.

More audibly I speak

Through what this pen of mine has shown

Releasing here my words this way

I find my rage has flown

Like clouds before the wind

And yet I know it is not wrong

To tell the world and you with pen

I sing an ancient song.

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I hope you don't mind that I critique your work. I find it sustaining and fresh. I too get release by writing and that is the therapy of my soul. I like this one very much. It reminds me of how I leave my sorrow on the page when I put my heart in what I write.