As I Have Grown

As I a man of age have grown

There's one thing always I have known

Whenever sadness does bemoan

There is a calming light that's shown.

A light that's seen by very few

Much past the age of ten and two

As soft as sunlight on dew

That has the power to eschew

The sadness of a heart not merry

And the power to reach the very

Deepest part of those so weary

As to need this light, a fairy.

Yes fairies do exist I'm sure

Within the heart of the very pure

That must at some point need a cure

To not be taken by the lure

Of sadness when its head is shown

And stop the wails it does bemoan

Yes to them it is always known

Fairies exist for the young and grown.

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onelilartist's picture

Michael, this is one of your best yet. Such a precious sentiment and such perfect metered rhyme. Good job.