In My Garden

Of all the things I've ever done

And all I'll ever do

It is only when I scrape the earth

That I can renew

My closeness to the giver

Of all I'll ever be

And in my garden I'm aware

Of all that's given me.

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Nothing else needs saying.


Shirley Roberts's picture

So true Mike and if you will, read mine on my garden.Not much more than postage stamp size, but beautiful.Great write!

Kathy Anderson's picture

The earth is my mother and I can relate to this poem. As far as I'm concerned this is as close to heaven as we'll ever offense. I just wish people would stop beating it and polluting this world. It's thee only home we have. Good reading you.

Melissa Rives's picture

This is exactly how I feel also. Who can deny our creator when all of creation grows upward...reaching up towards the Heavens...and proclaims the glory of our maker! I love it! Even the trees reach upward to praise our existence.