Into Sunshine

When I find that I am standing

In the deepest black of night

I conger up the sunshine

And step into its light.

I do not merely take a step

But merrily dance away

Into the world where shadows

Have not a place to stay.

That's not to say the night is gone

Quite opposite is true

But in its web I won't be found

For I've better things to do.

You may ask me what's the sunshine

That dissipates the night?

It is the meter of the song

Within the words I write

So to paraphrase another

Of whose quality I lack

Poems are made by fools like me

To chase away the black.

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Melissa Rives's picture

I think sometimes, the darkness we encounter are the moments that give breath of life to the we can shine that much more. Wonderfully written!

Victor Buhagiar's picture

Another great poem. I'm not sure about conger. Nor do I think you are a fool to write poetry. I have so far been very impressed with what I read from your poetry. Victor