In The Twilight Not Yet Dark

In the twilight not yet dark

Leafless trees stand in the park

Gone the robin and the lark

From the landscape gray and stark

Thinking I of summer’s heat

Of life’s sweet flowers there to meet

The smiles which together greet

Carried ‘long on unshod feet.

Though the time be lone and cold

The warmth is clear which I behold

As this twilight does unfold

And can’t be either bought or sold.

And what I feel in the heart of me

Was always as in the start so free

In passion clear for all to see

Truer than mountain rock or tree.

So thankful I am for the lily fair

Who had so much for me to share

And shaded eye from noontime glare

And cleared from twilight its despair.

So if it be soon I disembark

The ship that brought me to the park

Know that ne’er I’ll loose the spark

In this twilight not yet dark..

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Melissa Rives's picture

Beautiful imagery. In the twilight not yet dark.....even the title just pulled me into this. Beautiful!

Victor Buhagiar's picture

A beautiful poem and quite a feat to have four lines with the sam ryhme. Well done.