Unfinished And Unfinishable

Go ahead try to move your eyes

Away from the sad human form

Running down the road


Arms out stretched

Mouth agape


Because the bombs not only burned her home

But also her skin.

Sleep, and maybe you won't see

The fireman

Carrying the lifeless form of the infant

Away from the pulverized building

Where in lies

Hundreds more


Because the truck did what

Its builder intended.

Laugh in your place to be seen

For then you'll have no reason

To remember the vision of

A too young Israeli

Or Palestinian

Or Irish protestant

Or Catholic

A Hispanic

A Black

A White

Holding a gun


Because they had to stop

The other's living

Take someone to bed, or some white dust from the mirror

And then you won't have to remember

The shape,

The unidentified shape


Against the brightness

In unheard screaming

Who chose to jump

As the only way out

Before the dust

Of what was their world

Lies in piles about them.

Write the poems that scream of lost love

And maybe then you won't have to

Realize the uselessness

Of the reason

We continue to use

The weapons that echo

The screaming

Of us who survive

And also of us

Who die.

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JLS's picture

Hey this piece is incredible, I don't know how you do it but I like your work. You always seem to find the answers to the unexplainable.

onelilartist's picture

This is incredible. I don't know how you looked inside ALL our hearts and saw the same questions with no answers, but THIS IS INCREDIBLE. I love coming to your page. I'm never disappointed.


Melissa Rives's picture

You are so talented and brilliant. This is a very moving subject, one in which you so eloquently put into words. This is so powerful....the ending perfect.