Poems Written on Feb. 6th

I was going to post these individually but wanted to give you some idea of the things I think about when I write.  Feel free to make any comment at all.

What Makes Love

What be love to this fool heart?

So long alone it's stood

That love has lost the look of art

And ever lost the good

That makes me more a fool.

I'm much too old to linger on

The feelings of my youth

And I can't quite put a finger on

The falsehood or the truth

That makes my tear the rule.

But Oh, when I remember

How in my veins there ran

The heat in dark December

When the boy was more a man

Or perhaps just less a mule.

So now I sit alone at night

And write for none but me

Cursing the mirage in sight

That lets me know to be

That which makes the man a fool.


A Young Man's Fancy

Spring is but a season

A quarter of the year

A time of warming sunshine

To raise the heart to cheer.

A time for snows to melt away

For flower buds to bloom

A time for cleansing breezes

To freshen up the room.

Yet spring is but a moment now

An advancing t'ord the day

When I might watch the flowers wilt

And put my dreams away.

Except for the dreams of love

I refuse to let dreams die

And I vow to keep springtime here

Though the cost of love's too high.

Young men's fancy may turn to love

With the coming of the spring

But they will soon be old men too

If they forget the thing

That keeps them in the springtime

Is not its moment here

But rather it is knowing how

To keep the heart in cheer.


The Sailor's Song

We are together again my precious lady

How wonderful to lie in your embrace

To feel what is your pulsing motion

Letting me feel my pulsing race.

How right it is for me to be here

Away from other lover's lies

As I let you rock me gently

While I lay 'neith starry skies.

And oh, the warmth of your soft whisper

Touching skin and blowing hair

Tells me I'm where I belong

And you are glad I'm there.

Yes dear lady we are together

Just as in the days of yore

As you ever gently guide me

And my sturdy ship to shore.


No sad poems tonight

I refuse to let them breath

For there's too many woven

Through this stupid wreath.


Old men have no power left

To pursue the young man's dream

And the young are quite bereft

To advance the old man's scream.


A Bit Of Nonsense

I pulled

A canned soda

From the fridge,

Opened it

And took a drink.

The pull tab


Pulled a mustache hair

From me.

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Violet Carolina's picture

Hey, loved the idea of being less a man or less a mule. I think that's a good way to describe a mature person. Thanks for sharing many other good thoughts, as well.

Melissa Rives's picture

I love all of these and cannot believe you did all of them in one night! Very impressive!!! You get richer in your writing with each new one you write. The first two remind me of the language of the classic poets. The Sailor's Song is so romantic and beautiful in its language...a wonderful rythym throughout. You always have such insights and wisdom imbedded within your poems. And of course you are very good at the lighthearted verse as well. It's always a pleasure to see what you will write of next. Excellent writing, my friend!

onelilartist's picture

I stand in awe of some of the things you write. I LOVE THIS SITE!! Jason did ALL of us a favor when he created a place for poets to meet and compare and read. I love what you did on Feb. 6th. Especially the one about no sad poetry tonight.