Sonnet To Melissa

I cannot compare thee to the flowers

  Nor are you like the verdant hills of spring.

  You're not like the ticking of the hours

  Nor are you as what all the song birds sing.

  I have no right to draw a simile

  Of what is felt because you are around.

  Yet I search and perhaps in time I will

  Proclaim to all what it is I've found.

  And what it is that lifts the muse in me

  Gently placing it firmly on its feet

  To stand in light for all the world to see

  That it is there for everyone to meet.

  I know your likeness I will never seize

  For you my friend are like the slightest breeze.

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Melissa Rives's picture

Just wanted to revisit is so beautiful. :)

Melissa Rives's picture

Definitely the most beautiful thing I've read. :)