Replacing The Old Roof

Replacing the old roof I had a commanding view

Of the world of which I was a part.

Between hammer blows vision wandered

And I saw the octogenarian sitting on that......

That shaky legged bench on the plot of ground

Only he traversed.

Hammering on I did advance and as I did

I saw the preteens on the other side

Jumping on the trampoline

Oblivious to how the day advanced.

Time was now, always now,

No need for yesterday or tomorrow.

No need to know that one replaced a roof

Or sat upon a shaky legged bench alone.

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shawon1982's picture

really its a nice and wonderful poem i have read. your poems are nice and heartfelt too. i wish you all the best.

Dr. Zayed Bin Zakir Shawon

Melissa Rives's picture

This takes me back in time with the language you express here. You have such ability to take the reader into another world. You are very talented!

onelilartist's picture

Very thought provoking. I haven't found a runt in the litter. This reminds me of Robert Frost.

Melisande Luna's picture

Fantastic, wow I'm impressed. I love coming across a talent in these pages. Your use of language evokes a natural rythm in your poetry, very enjoyable read.

stop by the message board, you really should, your poetry is really good and we like to see the really good stuff there :)