A Few Limericks On Me.

I'm a fellow and my name is Mike

I'll tell you what it is that I like

To take things unheard

And give them a word

So into the mind they will strike.

*                      *                         *

I'm Michael And I have a room

Where my poetry's always in bloom

It's four foot by eight

And I'm in it quite late

'Cause others need it to groom.

*                     *                        *

I'm a fellow who lives in Kentucky

Who considers himself to be lucky

To sit all alone

In the room of my home

Locked away from all that is plucky.

*                    *                         *

Once when I emerged from my cell

After writing for hours a tale

I heard my son say

That I'd do okay

In a one room shack in a swale.

*                      *                         *

Perhaps I could live all alone

With no one around to bemoan

The fact that I write

So darned late at night

But then life would be monotone.

*                     *                         *

So I'll continue to sit in the loo

Writing silly limericks to you

About how in this room

That makes poetry bloom

Michael is constantly new.

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darlene's picture

What a delightful read!! As the saying goes..."A job isn't finished untill the paperwork is done!" Keep 'em
comming my friend!! :-)darlene

Violet Carolina's picture

Thansk for the light-hearted report...I'll bet you need to stay up late to get some quiet at times. Whatever works!!

cornaflakegrrrl's picture

*LOL* What more can I say? hehe
- Essie =)

Melissa Rives's picture

Your writing room serves you well! Do what you gotta do...just keep on writing! :)

Melisande Luna's picture

Oh NO! Toilet limericks!
*walks away laughing*

Shirley Roberts's picture

Just what I needed on this hot afternoon.Very light and funny.Sounds exactly like me.LOL!

kat's picture

Limericks from the loo.....how original. I have been inspired while driving, at work, lying in bed. But in the bathroom....hmmmm....I'll have to think on that.
Meanwhile, thanks for giving us all a good chuckle.