Were it Love That I Could Ask

Were it love that I could ask

The mocking bird a favored task

I'd bid him come to you on wing

In evening's light to hear you sing

In voice so pure of love's allure.

He'd then return upon my sill

And echo you with matching trill

Then I would sit and listen long

To the beauty of your song

In voice so pure of love's allure.

Alas my love, he's just a bird

Unmoved by human song or word

But know that though alone I be

I hear the song you sang for me

In voice so pure of love's allure.

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onelilartist's picture

This is absolutely lovely. It makes me feel good, and after the day I've had, that's a miracle.

Melissa Rives's picture

Oh this is stunning and beautiful...I just loved this...flowed so smoothly too!

kat's picture

Another very nice poem, wonderful flow of words.