The Glass Lays Shattered

The glass lays shattered

Where clothes are tattered

Upon the unnamed street.

It knows no broom

And gives no room

To young and unshod feet.

So you took a wrong turn

And now

You find yourself


You look

For landmarks


Wide eyed

You wonder

What is


I'm sorry,

I didn't tell you

It gives no room

To tires either.

So now

You must change

The bad

For good.

You fool,

If you

Opened you eyes

Perhaps ....


There'd be

No room

For the glass that's shattered

Where clothes are tattered

So far from your uptown street.

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Melissa Rives's picture

I love the style and form of this. Much wisdom is in here too. This is excellent, and I have to go read it again! :)