I Can Only Imagine

I hold my wondrous lady tenderly

She kisses me with passion

In our affair there’s always two

And we both have one fashion

Of loving

We’ve found a love we’ve never known

Someone with whom we’re free

And in that freedom we will share

Ourselves upon the sea

Of loving.

We’ll gaze upon the other’s face

And feel the love repeat

And touch our souls together

As we increase the beat

Of loving

Yes she’s a wondrous lady

Her being is so pure

And because of everything she gives

I am in myself secure

Of loving

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Lorraine Reutter's picture

What a lovely poem....for one to bestowe the feeling of security in a relationship is a wonderful thing....I enjoyed this poem very much ...thankyou, Lorraine

kat's picture

I liked this one, it feels familiar.


Melissa Rives's picture

Beautiful, writing....on the beauty of love. :)