Roll ON Forgotten Echoes

Roll on forgotten echoes

From the hollers in the hills

Roll on down the mountains black

Past the broken dreams and wills

Mingle with the gurgling creeks

That soon flow through the dells

Where you can rise on foothill winds

To carry high the wails

Of forgotten lives in bare bulbed rooms

Whose light slithers through the cracks

That also takes the living

From their old Kentucky shacks.

Roll on forgotten echoes

Past the sire and dam and foal

That on the bluegrass carpet play

'Fore the mansion on the knoll.

Rise in quiet crescendo

In the silence of the mind

Till once again you're recognized

As sound within the wind

Calling all attention to

The long forgotten tracks

Of the ones who built and stepped away

From their old Kentucky shacks.

Roll on forgotten echoes

Down the river valleys wide

And tiptoe into cities dark

Where we try to hide

Within the speeding of our cars

That echo here our pace

To move as far as possible

The mem'ry of the face

That still today through tears provides

The power in our stacks

And starts you once again to roll

From their old Kentucky shacks.

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Melissa Rives's picture

Excellent, just excellent. Really loved this and it has such a great rythym and flow.