To The Eons Left Behind

I task myself to now recall

What with history we share at all

The changing of the guard before

The village gate or castle door.

I try to in context place

The advancement of our complex race

But the growth's not growth I dread

For we are held by common thread

To the eons left behind.

I see this thread and realize

That to extraction it defies

All advancement ever made

For well within its web we're laid.

And unless this thread be broke,

Consumed by fire, sent up in smoke

To carry our self-righteous hate

We shall forever gravitate

To the eons left behind

To'ard those eons I can but gaze

Through our self-constructed maze

To miss what's not so eas'ly found

But wholly meshed within the sound

That's clearly heard as they are gone

Reverberating on and on

To those that be who fail to know

That moving thus we all must go

To the eons left behind.

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Laryalee Fraser's picture

Ah, I'll definitely be back to
the threads of thought in this (no pun intended, honest!)
are enthralling...and something I often think about, Michael.
More great work!
(I notice the dates on these -- I hope you're still around!)


Melissa Rives's picture

Splendid writing!!!!!