A Sonnet For My Sons

Son the portal's open for you to go

To what the barker beckons is the truth

Tho is it now for you to surely know

That all he says is thus when seen in youth?

And yet how shall I make it understood

That through the many doors you enter here

Are lessons so the many lies you can unhood.

And knowing this there's knowledge in the fear.

However you must enter these alone

And doing so you'll be the wiser soul

If you hearken to what is clearly shown

And make the exit's knowledge be your goal.

Prithee go in thyself, seek thy own ease

And let not falsehoods place thee on thy knees.

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Lesa Gay's picture

Such wonderful words of love and wisdom given to your sons.
I am so glad that I happened upon your hall. Perhaps if you sometime have the time you would be so kind as to visit my site. If you have a few moments while there please sign my guestbook and feel free to comment on anything that you would like to ~ however you would like to.

From what I have read of you here I think you might enjoy

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and its sequel The Passage Of Time


Melissa Rives's picture

"And knowing this, there's knowledge in the fear" is my favorite line of all. This is something special for your sons.... a treasure to keep, and knowledge to gain. Splendid writing.