My Thoughts Of Home

When I see that country road I weep.

Oh how it looks like home

Back in the midst of Ireland

Back where my heart doth roam.

When I feel its breezes

See its green and gentle hills

I long to feel the freedom

Of unfettered Irish wills.

And when I see its country folk

Who's life this road is giving

I think of where my soul belongs

To continue on its living.

Oh Erin, Erin, hear my words

So when my time is through

You'll know beside the road somewhere

There lies a son of you.

The friends I've made in this fair land

Keeps the man from grieving

But then the lad who is away

Is ever sad he's leaving.

With somber steps I walk this road

With vision on tomorrow

I dare not look behind me now

There's naught to ease the sorrow.

I've been so long up on this road

That sadly now I fear

They'll lay me neith this foreign soil

So far from Ireland dear.

Oh Erin, Erin, hear my words

That when my walkin's through

You'll know that here beneath the land

There lies this son of you.

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Wendy D'Michelle's picture

Michael, I love how this one encourages my imagination. It stirs memories of my own past in my own land. Thanks for posting. Great job.