Mamaw And Papaw Grow Flowers



Mamaw and Papaw grow flowers

I could play in their garden for hours

The hummingbirds flit

And butterflies sit

As though they were friends of ours.


Papaw digs and pulls weeds

When it’s ready Mamaw plants seeds

Then they help them to grow

And put on a show

To give the honeybee just what she needs.


Their flowers are many sizes and shapes

Some bonnets some trousers some capes

There’s big ones and small ones

Short ones and tall ones

There are reds, blues, yellows and grapes.


Once they told me “You know

Of all the seeds we sow

The one that we treasure

And brings us great pleasure

Is you, the best flower we grow.”

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message, poem is a delight!

i loved it!

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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Thanks for taking the time to read it. Great appreciation of you for commenting.