You tell me...

You tell me I seek attention,
Then why do I wear long sleeves.
You tell me I don't need help,
Then why do I cut.
You tell me that you love me,
Then why don't you care.
You tell me I'm not depressed,
Then why do I want to die.
You tell me you're helping,
Then why is it staying the same.
You tell me I'll get better,
Then why has it been three years.

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Who ever tells you those

Who ever tells you those things, are stupied. Do they really belive themselfs?
Grrr, plp make me mad. The poem was good, i liked it, its good to let your feelings out, no matter what anybody thinks. But can i ask, why is it that your angery, or depressed? IF you feel like shareing, you can PM me.
But if you dont, that is fine.